Instructions for using LM Potency Homeopathic Remedies.

During your care the following will likely interfere with the action of the remedy and should be avoided if possible. It may be necessary to repeat the remedy as result.

The Remedy bottle should be kept away from contamination, sunlight, strong EMF energy, x-rays and not opened in the presence of other open remedy bottles or any strong odors like those above. Unless preserved with at least 20% alcohol, the remedy should be refrigerated.

It is necessary to have the following :

  1. Your Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB) from the pharmacy. It may either be a 4-12 oz. bottle or a 1 oz. dropper bottle
  2. "Hot" paper cups without wax OR disposable plastic cups OR a ceramic/glass cup "sterilized" before each dose by sunlight or boiling.
  3. Steel teaspoon that also must be rinsed in hot water after use or sun sterilized.

Take doses in the following manner : It is best to wait Ĺ hour before or after ingesting anything else but it is NOT critical. The best time is in the morning or before sleep unless it makes sleep difficult, but any time, is OK.

  1. Succuss the RSB ___ times (as if dropped from a height of 1.5 ft or 50 cm onto a firm soft surface like a book)
  2. Fill a fresh paper/ rinsed disposable plastic or sterilized cup with approx. 4 oz of purified water.
  3. Put one teaspoon (or _ drops if using a dropper bottle) from the RSB into the cup and stir 10 sec.
  4. Take ONE TEASPOON ONLY from the cup, swish and swallow. DISCARD the rest from the cup!

Take your first dose then WAIT. Afterwards you must judge your own progress with my help. CALL ME 3 or 4 DAYS AFTER THE FIRST DOSE AND AFTER TAKING FOR 3 WEEKS. Without any change of your condition, take it at increasing frequency and/or potency, THEN STOP TAKING IF YOU STILL HAVE SEEN NO CHANGE after 3 weeks. Contact me whether or not you feel this is the case.

Most Important: IF YOU SEE IMPROVEMENT, WORSENING OR CHANGE OF SYMPTOMS DONíT TAKE ANOTHER DOSE UNTIL you feel the last dose is starting to wear off, meaning no further change in symptoms or general signs of health. Eventually you will be able to judge for yourself how often to take it. The remedy is working if you see improvement in any of your symptoms OR any of these General Signs of Health :
  1. Sleep & Energy (sleep feels better; wake more refreshed; energy feels better)
  2. Sense of Wellbeing
  3. Clarity of Mind
  4. Calmness
  5. Better Adaptability to your Environment (less sensitive to allergens & stressors)

If any of the above improve despite the temporary worsening of other(s), you are on the right track. If symptoms merely change without an improvement of the general signs it may be a close but not correct remedy.

IF THERE IS ANY WORSENING OF SYMPTOMS OR YOU FEEL SLIGHTLY "HIGH ", STOP TAKING THE REMEDY until you see improvement. There is no harm. It only means that it is the right remedy but the potency is slightly too strong. Call me so I can help you adjust the potency or if you have any questions.

Potency may be decreased by the following means:

  1. decreasing number of succussions (some succussion is necessary)
  2. using more water
  3. going to a second cup of water with a teaspoon-full from the first cup.

Potency may be increased by increasing the number of succussions.

After a total of approx. 100 succussions of a RSB bottle at a level (e.g. LM1) or if you see no further improvement at that level, you may start the next level (e.g. LM2) in the same manner as you finished the last. You may continue at a level if you feel it is still benefiting you. At higher levels decrease dosage frequency.

If an acute (self-limiting) condition like a cold, etc. arises please contact me. Discontinue the LM until this new temporary illness resolves itself, unless the same remedy for your chronic condition helps for the acute. You may try increasing the potency and frequency but if you donít see improvement after a few doses, stop. For a serious acute condition (e.g. bad injury, high fever, etc.) complete the appropriate treatment before resuming the LM remedy for your chronic condition.

Frequently when you are finished with a remedy you will see a slight temporary return of the symptoms that it cleared. Otherwise, if you see no improvement on the next level after a couple of weeks OR your symptoms change significantly (usually older symptoms return which is a good sign) OR all your symptoms have cleared, you may be through with that remedy; contact me for advice.

You will see the best results if you reduce or eliminate other non-prescribed medicinal substances such as herbs, drugs, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Donít stop them immediately but taper off slowly. Avoid other "obstacles to the cure" also. Work closely with your doctor, especially if you are taking a prescription drug. The remedy may alter (usually in a positive manner) the action of the drug, so you may need less. Only alter the dosage of your prescription drug with your doctor's advice. Be Happy, Be Healthy.

Roger Barr, Professional Homeopath, Tel: (559) 877-7233,