” Roger has been my homeopath for two years, and has worked miracles with his treatment of me. I am now completely cured of painful uterine fibroids, generally regarded by western medicine as “curable” only with major surgery. I have also experienced an almost complete reversal of the ongoing depression and insomnia symptomatic of mercury poisoning, and now sleep soundly and feel a wonderful enthusiasm for life. Over the last 20 years I have used many other alternative healing methods, and have found that, in general, homeopathy heals my body, emotions and spirit much more rapidly and completely than anything else. Roger is careful, conscientious and thoughtful in his practice of this art.”

– Persephone Maywald, Castro Valley, CA, 1998

“After years of suffering with a serious chronic liver disease I met Roger in July 1998. He provided me with a remedy that I took as recommended. By this point all my conventional doctors and specialists had thrown up their hands and were resigned to repeating diagnostic tests and monitoring. I had been hospitalized on three occasions for sudden attacks. There is no pharmaceutical drug that treats my condition. After meeting Roger my perpetual jaundice did clear up and I believe his help, along with a healthy diet and exercise, contributed to this. It is now October 2000 and I have been improving, I feel well, and am unhindered by symptoms.”

– Forrest Lewis

“In ’96 I had (please note the past tense) an allergy to various grasses and pollens. Roger took the time to do a complete evaluation of my symptoms and then told me to try a specific homeopathic remedy. Immediately, I could breath, my running nose and itchy eyes were back to normal and I felt great! To this day I have rarely had very minor allergy symptoms and if they occur, another dose of the remedy clears them immediately.

– Larry Cerf, larry@cerfinc.com

Several years ago I was suffering from an acute case of sleep apnea [interrupted breathing during sleep]. I consulted my doctor and he recommended surgery to my soft palate. I deferred. Some time later I met Roger Barr, and during a discussion with him my sleeping problem became the subject. He asked me a few personal questions about my health and family relationships. He then said that he would be in touch shortly.

A week later he called me at my home and suggested that I try a certain remedy for the sleep apnea. The very first night that I tried his suggestion, my apnea disappeared and I have never been bothered by it again. I occasionally take the supplement that he suggested in order to control my snoring which is now quite mild. Both my wife and I are very grateful to Roger for his assistance in curing my sleep apnea problem. Thanks again,

– Tom Brezinski