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National Center for Homeopathy  (NCH) is an organization that attempts to be the USA’s national clearinghouse for information on homeopathy. They can provide journalists with a media package and they have a practitioner’s registry. The registry is open to anyone wishing to be listed. They support the formation of study groups for practitioners and people interested in home-care. The site has a very good introduction to homeopathy plus many research links. Be sure to read the experiences of one MD who decided to take up homeopathy after he was unable to get relief for his illness through conventional means. is the biggest site devoted primarily to homeopathy. It has a large list of links to other homeopathy sites and to an online journal of homeopathy. They even have an online homeopathic pharmacy section. is a great source for homeopathic software, books, tapes, etc. Check out the homeopathy timeline, articles by Will Taylor, homeopathy events calendar, practitioner database and other great resources. They have an ongoing series of teleconference calls that they record and then make available free on their site. One of the better homeopathy sites on the net.

Homoepathic Education Services is a large sales outlet for software, books, tapes, and other information. Dana Ullman, the owner, has been devoted to the cause of homeopathy for many years. Probably the best Internet source for scientific research on homeopathy. Also a good page on how various diseases can be treated homeopathically. Check out the article on dental fillings, health and homeopathy, which is thoroughly footnoted as are all of Dana’s many other articles. He is a prolific author of intro books, as well.

David Little’s Homeopathy Online Education site is great. You have to overlook some of the rhetoric but with 30+ years of experience he knows what he is talking about. He goes to the original sources for his information. There is a good 1st Aid section.

Dr Will Taylor is another extremely knowledgeable source on homeopathy. He has his own online tutorial. Be sure to read his bio where he discusses his “conversion” after contracting an illness for which he couldn’t bring himself to take the drug that he had been recommending to all his patients. Wonder how many other doctors feel the same way about what they prescribe?

The European Council for Classical Homeopathy sets standards for the practice of homeopathy in Europe. Read their recommendations for how a proving should be conducted. Provings are where homeopathic medicines are tested on healthy individuals in order to determine what they will cure in a sick person. Its the cornerstone of homeopathic methodology.

Natural Health Supply sells books and “bullet-box” kits, 50 remedies contained in plastic .44 mag. bullet boxes. These are great to have as emergency kits since in a 2″x3″x6″ box you have access to 50 of the most important first aid remedies allowing one to deal with a whole range of emergencies. Note that these remedies are meant to be placed in water so that you don’t need so much for each dose and you don’t exhaust the 1/2 dram vials so quickly. In some homeopaths’ opinions (including my own) water makes remedy action more effective.

National Vaccine Information Center links to give you alternative views on the safety of vaccines.

New England School of Homeopathy – Paul Herscu & Amy Rothenberg’s  3 year accredited homeopathy institution (there are many others).

Dr. Kristal’s Personal Metabolic Nutrition Site , the cutting edge in nutrition today.

Scenar Manufacturers
OKB Ritm and LET Medical are the only manufacturers of legitimate Scenar devices that I am aware of; many others, such as Denas, are knock-offs which may not be tuned properly.

Pharmacies that Carry LM Potency Homeopathic Remedies
Hahnemann Laboratories, in San Rafael, CA

Natural Health Supply, in Santa Fe, NM

Boiron, in Newtown Square, PA

Boiron, in France

Helios Pharmacy, in Kent, UK

Farmacia Homeopatica Lucano
Prolongacion de la 11 Sur #4713
Col. Reforma Agua Azul
Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
+52 222 211 2724

Beginning Books
Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Lansky, Phd is a great book for introducing anyone to homeopathy. Very inspiring as she describes how her own child was cured of Autism!.

Help! and Homeopathy by Nauman, EMT is a great emergency book since it provides both the conventional emergency treatment and the homeopathic treatment.

Discovering Homeopathy by Ullman is a good inexpensive overview.

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Cummings & Ullman is a good inexpensive beginner’s book for home care.

Homeopathic Emergency Guide by Kruzel, MD is a good inexpensive emergency care manual.

Homeopathic Self-Care by Ullman & Reichenberg-Ullman is an excellent self-care manual.

Ritalin-free Kids and Prozac-free Kids are two inspiring books by Ullman & Reichenberg-Ullman full of cured cases of children with serious emotional & behavioral problems. These are NOT self-care manuals. Read them to see what is possible without drugs.

Homeopathic Love Story by Handley is a wonderful biography of the genius Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and his right hand woman, Melanie, (he called her is best student) whom he met and married when she was 35 and he was in his 80’s and shuffling off to obscurity. They went to Paris and as a result homeopathy went around the world.

Divided Legacy Vol. 1-4 (espec. Vol. 3) by Coulter is a unique history of medicine & homeopathy. Read how the American Medical Association (AMA) was formed in the late 19th century with the intention of doing in their chief competition – homeopathy – and how they succeeded. Coulter, who is an academic medical researcher, reveals the split in western medical thinking between Rationalism and Empiricism that has been present since at least the age of Greece and how it still affects our perceptions of health and healing. All of Harris Coulter’s books are excellent even though he frequently pushes (or blows way past) the limitations of conventional wisdom. He has several controversial books on vaccinations. His book,

The Controlled Clinical Trial: an Analysis, busts a big hole in the underpinning of so-called “Evidence Based Medicine”- the double-blind placebo controlled trial. Unfortunately it may be out of print now. Harris Coulter has his own website.

More Advanced Books
(Note: A materia medica is a listing by remedy of all the symptoms that each remedy can cure. A repertory is a listing of simplified symptom descriptions and for each a list of remedies known to cure it.)

Dictionary of Homeopathic Medical Terminology, 4th Ed. by Yasgur is a must-have book if you want to understand the classic texts and the repertories which use archaic medical terminology.

Kent’s Repertory by Kent is a cheap, good, classic index to symptoms and remedies

Homeopathic Medical Repertory, 2nd Ed. by Murphy is a good modern expensive index to symptoms in as compact a format as is possible for this much information. More symptoms and more remedies than Kent’s. Laid out in a manner that is more accessible to the beginner than most other repertories. It’s controversial because of its history and I almost hate to recommend it for that reason.

Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines by Phatak is a good inexpensive classic. Contains the most important symptoms of all the major remedies in a very compact format. I carry it with my emergency kit when I travel.

Concordant Materia Medica, 2nd Ed. by Vermeullen is a very good modern expensive compilation of the classic texts. Not as portable as Phatak’s MM but more information about each remedy.

Organon of the Medical Art, 6th Ed. by Hahnemann (edited by O’Reilly) is the philosophy book that started it all for homeopathy. This is the best translation yet. Not a fast read but very illuminating.

Vaccine Information 
The Immunization Resource Guide, 3rd Ed., by Diane Rozario, the subtitle says it all: “Where to find answers to all your questions about childhood immunizations.” Very comprehensive source book on the under-reported controversial issues of immunization; both pro & con resources. (Patter Publications, ISBN 0-9643366-4-2)

The Vaccine Guide, by Neustaedter, OMD, is a balanced look at each type of vaccination. It is by a specialist in children’s health from a homeopathic viewpoint. (North Atlantic Books, ISBN 1-55643-215-1) Articles on Vaccines
Aluminum in Vaccines

Vaccines and Neurological Damage

Effects of Vaccine Adjuvants on Your Brain

Vaccines Cause Children More Adverse Reactions Than Any Other Drug

Autism Rates Escalate in Vietnam Hospital after Vaccine Introduction