Heal Yourself with Homeopathy

Wondering how can  you heal yourself with homeopathy?

  • I work with you (and your doctor) to help you take control of your healthcare – remove the aspects of your life that may be maintaining your illness or are obstacles to your healing process.
  • On another level, homeopathic remedies are not like conventional drugs although they are regulated under the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the US (HPUS) by the FDA. Their action is extremely short-lived and gentle. They stimulate your body’s innate ability to heal itself, without side effects.
  • With a few tools (a book or two & a kit of homeopathic remedies) and some training you can safely take care of yourself and your family for simple acute (short term, self-limiting) problems like minor colds, burns, stings, injuries, etc. You will know when you need to seek others for care.

So you really can heal yourself with homeopathy.

Does the following quote fit with your experience of conventional medicine?

“I went into medicine with the idea that I was going to save all of these lives with all the tricks and tools that medical doctors learned. And what I found was that very few of my patients got well. I often did harm to them. This was quite disturbing to me as a young doctor. What was even more disturbing was to find out that this failure had been fairly well documented in the scientific literature – but it doesn’t fit anybody’s advertising campaign. Science says one thing and the public believes another because the public relations machine benefits the economics of the drug industry and the medical industry. …Mammography is a fraud. The January 8, 2000 issue of the Lancet carried an article stating that mammography is unjustifiable. Of the eight studies done, six of them show that mammography doesn’t work-and yet the American public believes it this is a time honored, definite way of saving their lives from breast cancer.” – John McDougall, MD