Roger Barr, CMC  Professional Homeopath

1. You may select a date, day of the week, and either Morning, Afternoon or Evening that you would like.

2. Phone, Message or Email the above with a preferred time, your name, address and phone number

3. VOIP Video calls (such as Skype, Facebook video, WhatsApp video, etc.)  are a good option for consultations but not preferable to an in-person interview.

4. I will contact you as soon as possible and arrange a time

5. Please read the  New Client/Patient Orientation  and How I Work pages and fill out the Assessment Form including timeline and narrative about your current condition. Send me the Assessment Form before your scheduled appointment.

6. Please show up on time for the appointment or cancel at least 48 hrs in advance

Roger Barr
Cell: +1 (510) 480-1070 , +52 (1) (222) 739-8334
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WhatsApp +372 5470 5888
Skype: rrandor
FaceTime: roger {a.t.} canhealyourself{d.t}com

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