About Roger

Roger Barr, CMC,  Professional Homeopath
I have been studying homeopathy since 1990 when I returned from India the first time. I had left for India with the intention of finding out what I wanted to do with my life. While I was there I ruled out several options that I had considered. But hadn’t found anything that fired me up. Computer consulting (BS in computer science from Univ. of Ill.) paid the bills then but I was looking for something else at the time.

I had no idea what homeopathy was when my friend and mentor, psychologist Jim Spira, Phd., invited me to join an introductory 40-hour course. I was pretty skeptical about how such vanishingly small doses could do anything but I tried to keep an open mind about it.

I was still severely jet-lagged during the first class when Jim mentioned that homeopathy could be used to treat that condition. I started to read in the class about the various homeopathic remedies that have been known to work for jetlag. For one remedy, Gelsemium, the literature said it had a symptom of “foggy, hazy vision” and I realized that was exactly what I was experiencing. I took a single dose and I had an immediate response as though someone had cleaned my windshield!

Still sceptical,  I tried it thereafter for many different conditions including the after-effects (extreme insomnia, bleeding gums, digestive complaints, etc.) of the dysentary that I contracted while in India and had treated with an Ayurvedic drug. Each time I didn’t think the homeopathic remedy could possibly work, and yet it did much more often than not. Since then I have had a rather eclectic education in homeopathy, studying with many different teachers at many different schools, workshops & seminars including:

  • Pacific Academy of Homeopathy (Certificate of Classical Homeopathy, 3 years plus clinical experience)
  • Lou Klien’s Homeopathic Master Clinician Course (CMC Certificate, 2 years).
  • Paul Herscu’s New England School of Homeopathy (Level 2, two years)
  • International Federation of Homeopathy Case Conferences (3 years)
  • Robin Murphy’s Hahnemannian Academy of North America (2 years)
  • Four Winds Seminars, many different homeopaths over many years including: Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Roger Morrison, Dr. Michael Carlson (on staff at Sonoma State Medical School), Nancy Herrick, Judith Reichenburg-Ullman, and many others
  • Giri Wescott’s workshop series
  • Scenar Professional Training seminars with Katie Noonan (http://pain-relief-therapy.com/)
  • Scenar-Cosmodic Professional Training seminar with Vivien Constad (http://scenar-cosmodic.co.uk/)

As my understanding of the practice and philosophy of homeopathy has deepened over the years, I have not hesitated to leave schools and teachers that didn”t suit me at the time and study with others that I thought would be more valuable to me. On the other hand I feel I have a well-rounded education and an appreciation of the many approaches to this difficult subject. I feel that anyone who is serious about this work will always be a student of homeopathy. No one has the last word.

Over the years my many clients have been and continue to be my best teachers for which I am grateful. Of course, I have continued to treat myself for acute problems and seek the assistance of my colleagues for any chronic health issues. As a result I have not felt the need to darken the halls of conventional medicine*, except for some diagnostic work and dental work, since I returned from India that first time, for which I am also grateful!

In the late 90’s I discovered Scenar therapy which I have found to be a very good complement to homeopathy. It is also a non-drug therapy that stimulates the body’s own healing response using electric micro-currents and biofeedback. It was originally developed for the Soviet Union’s space program during the ’80s.  For their cosmonauts they needed a light portable device that could treat anything! Some of these devices have been approved by the USDA for pain control, although they do much more.

Practicing without a License…Legally!
Since January 1, 2003, under the California Health Freedom bill (SB577)  it has been legal to practice homeopathy or any un-licensed non-invasive therapy in California as long as one follows certain guidelines. One must inform the client what one’s background is, and get their agreement on what form of therapy will be practiced. For this purpose I have California clients sign a Waiver for Homeopathic Care, or Scenar Therapy.

Since homeopathy and scenar therapy are almost as non-invasive as is possible, I am practicing fully within the law now. Before SB577 went into effect I was so confident in the safety of homeopathy that I felt safe to practice anyway.

* I don’t recommend this for everyone! In fact it is quite helpful for me if my clients work closely with a physician at least to monitor progress via test results, for diagnostic work-ups and especially to manage any medicines they might be taking concurrently. I do not provide any advice on conventional medical procedures or medicines.